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DWI Defense and DUI Defense

You need a lawyer who knows what police officers are being taught in DWI detection school.


     Stephanie is a well-trained DWI defense attorney, having taken several of the courses that police officers take to learn how to detect alcohol and drug impaired drivers. In fact, she is a field sobriety testing instructor for other defense attorneys.

     Facing criminal charges for DWI or DUI can be a frightening process. A conviction for DWI or DUI can have serious implications for your job, or even for keeping your drivers' license. Can you afford to hire an inexperienced lawyer?

     It is to your advantage to hire a knowledgeable attorney soon after your arrest, in order to ensure that your constitutional rights are being protected. If you are facing DWI or DWI-drug (DUI) charges in southeast Louisiana, call Stephanie today!

     As a criminal defense attorney for the last 18 years, Stephanie Beard has defended hundreds of people accused of crimes, and now focuses her criminal law practice as a DWI attorney.



DWI Defense

Standardized Field Sobriety Test Practitioner

Stephanie Beard is a Standardized Field Sobriety Testing practitioner. She can recognize both properly and improperly performed SFSTs, to better defend your DWI case.

Drug Recognition Expert Overview

Stephanie has completed a 24-hour overview course so that she is fully aware of what the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) is being taught and trained to look for in detecting impaired drivers, and making an arrest for DUI.

ARIDE Training Course Completed

Officers take this course to learn how to detect whether a driver is under the influence of a drug during a traffic stop and how to establish probable cause for a DWI drug (DUI) arrest.

Field Sobriety Testing Course Instructor

NHTSA SFST Instructor Certificate

Stephanie Beard's training used the NHTSA curriculum. Contact Stephanie today to schedule your law firm's in-house or offsite training. (Live alcohol workshops available.)