Asserting Rights of Injured Workers; Defending the Accused

Workers' Compensation and Longshore Act Claims

Stephanie Beard is a workers' compensation and Longshore Act claims attorney whose experience working for a workers' compensation insurance company years ago spurred her interest in helping injured workers.

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DWI and DUI Defense

Being charged with felony or even misdemeanor DWI can be a frightening experience. You need a lawyer who knows what police officers are being taught in DWI detection school. Stephanie Beard is that lawyer. 

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Criminal Defense


 Stephanie Beard's work as a DWI defense attorney, trial attorney, and litigator has included representation in the defense of hundreds of misdemeanor and felony criminal prosecutions. 

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  Stephanie can help you to complete your family member adoption, adult adoption, or other adoption arrangements.

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General Practice and Notary

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Stephanie has a wide variety of legal experience in her almost twenty years of practice. If you have a need, feel free to inquire. She is also happy to refer you to another legal professional if needed.

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