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Stephanie Griffith Beard, Attorney at Law

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Adoption Attorney Services

     Stephanie Griffith Beard typically handles intrafamily adoption services, including stepparent, grandparent, and other family member adoptions. An adoptive parent herself, however, she is relatable, and also has more than fifteen years' experience with, and can assist in completing adoptions for families who have already located an unrelated child to adopt.

     Additionally, if you've adopted a child abroad (an international adoption) and need to do a "readoption" (recognition of foreign adoption), to finalize a foreign adoption, or want to have a Louisiana birth certificate for a child adopted abroad, call today for an appointment with Stephanie!

  • Step-Parent or Family Member Adoption (Intrafamily Adoption)
  • Adult Adoptions​
  • Recognition of Foreign Adoptions



Divorce and Child Custody Matters

Are you looking for an attorney to:

  • File for, or respond to a divorce Petition?
  • File for, or respond to child custody proceedings?
  • File for, or respond to child visitation proceedings?
  • File for, or respond to a modification of child custody or visitation proceeding, or a support obligation?

If so, then Stephanie Beard may be able to help. Call today for a free initial consultation!

Extra Disclaimer Regarding Adoptions

This attorney makes no promises nor guarantees about the success of completing an adoption on your behalf. Please know that adoptions can take a very long time to complete, if at all, and can be extremely emotional for all parties involved. Although Stephanie is an attorney in Covington, she may help you adopt a child wherever you may be in south Louisiana.