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Workers' Comp claims


  •      Have you or a loved one been injured on the job?
  •      Are you having difficulty getting back to work? 
  •      Is your employer pressuring you to go back to work before you are able?
  •      Is your employer refusing to pay for medical treatment for your job injury?
  •      Is your employer or its insurance company denying your claim?
  •      Is there some other dispute over your workers' compensation claim?
  •      Do you need to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits? Or
  •      Is it time for a workers' compensation claim settlement?

       If so, then this firm may be able to assist you with your workers' compensation ("workman's comp") claim. Whether you need help negotiating a settlement, getting your medical bills paid, filing a claim, dealing with an insurance company, or some other assistance, call today to discuss how Stephanie Beard may be able to help you. Her legal work experience includes having worked for a workers' compensation insurance company -- right here in Louisiana. 

     If you need a workers' compensation attorney, you should not delay, as your rights may be jeopardized by doing so. Call Stephanie Beard today!